Best Friend

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Beware, dog may lick you to death…

Inspired by our love of all dogs.  This elegant wall-hung 3D Printed canine is made with 100% love starting at the design, down to the plant-based PLA, before being finished with the highest quality paints.  Designed and crafted here in NZ with holes to allow for a crown (sticks, feathers, flowers, etc.).   Available in White, Mustard, Deep Sea Blue, and Macrew Purple.

Dimensions: 215mm High x 200mm Wide x 170mm deep

Care Instructions: To get the most out of this product it is intended for indoor use only, and to be kept moisture-free.

Deep Sea Blue
Macrew Purple

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The quality is in the detail

We take pride in our process used to ensure that designs are ethical, original, and created to a high standard. The subtle imperfections are what make each individual item completely one of a kind.
The process involves the use of 3D CAD technology to custom design and modify models before being built layer by layer with our 3D Printer. Each item is then carefully painted with three coats using the highest quality Premium Belton Molotow paints.
One of the most attractive things about printing with PLA is that it is environmentally friendly and derived from plant-based materials such as cellulose, cotton, and silk. PLA is a renewable, biodegradable resource meaning it is free of toxins and is able to sustain plant life. Due to the organic compounds, it naturally degrades over time when exposed to the environment but will last nearly indefinitely indoors.

Crafted in New Zealand

Expressing ideas through a clever combination of art and technology. While supporting local businesses wherever possible, each conversational piece is crafted here in the land of the long white cloud.

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White, Mustard, Deep Sea Blue, Macrew Purple


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